n. 名詞 1. 四對舞,方舞;四對舞曲。
2. 「打四十張」〈18世紀流行的由四人玩四十張牌的一種牌戲〉。
adj. 形容詞 (圖案等)形成許多大小相等的方格的,方眼的。


    1. Shall we try another figure of the lobster quadrille

      「我們再跳一節蝦四組舞好嗎? 」
    2. Ladies and gentlemen, the imperial quadrille

    3. One of the cavaliers then hastened to invite teresa, without whom it was impossible for the quadrille to be formed, but the young girl had disappeared

    4. Teresa felt a flush pass over her face ; she looked at luigi, who could not refuse his assent. luigi slowly relinquished teresa s arm, which he had held beneath his own, and teresa, accompanied by her elegant cavalier, took her appointed place with much agitation in the aristocratic quadrille

    5. On this subject ; and it was but the very saturday night before i left hunsford - between our pools at quadrille, while mrs. jenkinson was arranging miss de bourgh s foot - stool, that she said, " mr. collins, you must marry