quantification symbol中文意思是什麼

quantification symbol解釋

  • quantification: n. 定量;【邏輯學】附量,量化。
  • symbol: n. 1. 記號,符號。2. 象徵,表徵。3. 【宗教】信條。vt. ,vi. (-l(l)-) 〈罕用語〉=symbolize.

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  1. The snake is a symbol of many things but probably embodied aesculapius religious connection to the depths of the earth and symbolized his wisdom a wisdom which involved both extensive knowledge and prudent action

  2. The swastika was a very popular symbol in ancient turkey, where it was frequently applied by the smiths of anatolia

  3. Other legacies include the adoption of the cross as a symbol, the doctrine of the trinity, growth of belief in an afterlife and in the resurrection of the dead, the anno domini method of reckoning years, and celebrations at christmas and easter

  4. A horizontal bar over a particle symbol is used to designate the antiparticle.

  5. In this beautiful " water ceremony of communion " is portrayed the symbol of the new age which is upon us, the aquarian age, the age of the water carrier