1. Quantificational prospection of petroliferous quality of lithologic reservoir, dongying depression

    2. T he simulation and optimizing control for large - scale complex systems are depended on the models which can describe the system ' s hierarchical organization structure and dynamic behavior appropriately and accurately. there are many kinds of data ( quantificational, quasi - quantificational, qualitative ) when simulating and modeling for complex systems. these datas reflect the behavior from different levels and aspects and they always describle the systems in different granularity and resolution

      復雜系統的模擬和優化控制是以建立對象合理而準確的數學模型為基礎的,但復雜系統本身具有一定的復雜性,對其進行建模和模擬時,會存在大量不同模式的信息數據(定量的、半定量的、定性的) ,它們從不同角度不同層次反映系統的行為,而且往往具有不同的粒度和解析度,傳統的建模方法不能滿足復雜系統的要求。
    3. More attentions are taken to the applications of the interferometer for the quantificational and real - time measurements in the following aspects : the laser ' s wavefront, the homogeneity of laser bar, angle deviation of flatness optical components, and surface roughness

    4. The magnetic distribution of a - magnet is presented by analytic way and numeric simulation way. the single particle movement is studied in a - magnet and the movement rule of charged particle in ideal four poles magnetic field also is obtained. quantificational results of the incidence angle, trajectory length and the maximal distance in x direction are presented for ideal trajectory, and the equation indicates some important characters of a - magnet

    5. By the relative blossom - decline, we point tentatively out the quantificational method to distinguish the rising industry, ripe industry, declining industry, and dominant or backbone industry