1. Analysis on the adaptive area of bupleurum chinense dc. and it ' s quantificationally geographical division

  2. Quantitative structure - activity relationship is a method building a statistical model. the model can quantificationally predict structure - activity relationship of molecule, and bioactivity of new molecules can be known. structure of molecule, which is described by parameters in physical chemistry, biochemistry and quantum chemistry, includes functional group, minor structure, molecular fragment, chemical composition

  3. Oscillometric method is the advanced method for the no invasion blood pressure measurement. it qualitatively provides the order of the pulse pressure signal ' s changing with the cuff pressure and quantificationally points out the relationship between the mean blood pressure value and the pulse wave signal. so this method gives us a more scientific way to find other blood pressure parameters

    測振法( oscillometricmethod )是無創血壓測量中先進的檢測方法,它定性地揭示了脈動壓力信號隨袖帶壓力變化的規律,並給出了平均壓與脈搏波信號的定量關系,為血壓參數進一步確定提供了一條更為科學的方法。
  4. This project, through a great amount experiments, systematically and quantificationally discuss the different methods by which additives, including hydrated lime, protland cement, and anti - stripping agent, improve various moisture susceptibility of asphalt mixtures, and also have been evaluated effectively

  5. 1. put forward a new research approach which uses the principle of material balance as the theoretical basis, and quantificationally make grading estimation of carbonate gas source rocks by the quantity of hydrocarbon expelling