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  • quantitative: adj 【數學】量的;定量的。 the quantitative limits that determine the qualities of things 決定事...
  • scientific: adj 1 (自然)科學(上)的,學術(上)的,科學性的;從事科學工作的。2 應用科學的。3 精通學理的,有...
  • literature: n. 1. 文學,文學作品。2. 文獻。3. 文學研究;著作業,著作。4. 〈口語〉(廣告、宣傳用的)印刷品。5. (為樂器演奏用的)一組樂曲。6. 〈古語〉學識,學問。

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  1. Descriptions of savant syndrome appear in the scientific literature as early as 1789

  2. Consumer sentiment series covering family business, the development and production of educational materials and marketing ; on scientific literature and other cultural books in the preparation and issuance of such ; culture media, film and television industries transactions, and other cultural elements

  3. Contrary to long - held beliefs, the aha ' s review of more than 50 years of scientific literature revealed that there is no definitive evidence that the prophylactic use of antibiotics prior to dental procedures prevents infective endocarditis ( ie )

  4. Lin luo center for scientific literature and information, beijing

  5. Also, in this paper a mathematical model for risk evaluation is constructed and how to make investment decision is thoroughly discussed. at last, case study proves the outcome of the paper ' s research. that is : in order to reduce the risk, it ' s necessary to carry out detailed analysis and evaluation of the project, and to take risk management measure with qualitative and quantitative scientific decision - making methods