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  • quantity: n 1 量 (opp quality); 分量,數量;額;【物理學】值,參量。2 〈pl 〉大量,大宗,大批,許多。3 定...
  • method: n 1 方法,方式;順序。2 (思想、言談上的)條理,規律,秩序。3 【生物學】分類法。4 〈M 〉【戲劇】...

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  1. We use b - spline smoothing technique to smooth the characteristic function without changing the integral quantity and get a differentiable weight function. the method considerably improves the quality of sampling points

  2. Because of the connatural characteristics of virtual enterprise in product design and development process, quantity management theories, technique and method are faced with many new requests

  3. As an advanced materials preparation technology, spray - deposition has shown remarkable superiority in producing large - sized alloys and metal matrix composites. however, the spray deposeted preforms usually contain a certain quantity of porosity. besides, the oxide films on the surface of the particles lead to week metallurgic conjunction between the particles. in order to obtain an ideal structure and performance, the porous preforms need further densifying and plastical forming. in this paper, a new technology named wedge pressing was used to densify spray - deposeted 5a06 aluminium alloy, in which the large deformation can be obtained through the sum - up of local deformation and multi - step small deformation. this method can also solved the problems in traditional processing and greatly decreased the producing cost. what ’ s more, the reserch on the wedge pressing desification rules about the large - sized spray deposeted preforms was significant it was vital not only to the further densification of the prefoums but also to the further research on plastical deforming the research was also benefit to the industrialization an the application of the spray deposeted porous materials

  4. Because of the great quantity, strong specialization, wide involved range of the knowledge of engine, this paper introduces the construction of the repository, reasoning machine, program interface and the knowledge acquirement of dmas wearing fault integrated diagnostician system, puts forward the method of storing and managing the fault diagnostic knowledge by database, carries out fault diagnostic with proper reasoning strategy, and discusses the realization of the system from the view of the theory and engineering. 3, the research on the remote fault diagnostic system

    2 、 dmas故障診斷專家系統的研究本文主要針對發動機的知識具有數量大、專業性強、經驗成分多、涉及面廣等特點,介紹了dmas磨損故障綜合診斷專家系統的知識庫、推理機、人機界面和知識獲取的實現,並提出把故障領域知識存入相應的數據庫,運用數據庫技術進行管理,結合合適的推理策略進行故障診斷,並從理論和具體方法上對系統的實現過程進行了探討。
  5. According to these problems, we adopt to the method of mending material, optimize to fermentation media and partly ferment condition. finally, we excogitate a kind of fermentation technology that is suitable for target gene efficiency expressed and is advantageous of product purified. with the plasmid pbv220 - ifnr, pbv220 - hgfa, pbv220 - hgfb, pbv220 - hpk5 that expresses serve as the model, adopting the biostat - c15l of b. braun company, utilize the method of mending material to ferment, through optimization fermentation media and optimization partly ferment condition ( ventilate quantity, stir speed, mend material speed ), eventually establishment a kind of fermentation technology that is suitable for target gene efficiency expressed and is advantageous of product purified

    以我室構建並穩定表達的重組質粒pbv220 - - ifn 、 pbv220 - hgf 、 pbv220 - hgf 、 pbv220 - hpk5為模型,分別從不同的表達宿主菌中篩選出一種適合大規模生產的菌種bl21 ( de3 ) ,該工程菌株連續傳代100代表達質粒不丟失,表達量穩定;採用b . braun公司的biostat - c15l自控發酵罐,運用分批補料技術分別進行四種工程菌的高密度發酵,通過優化工程菌發酵的培養基配方及優化部分發酵條件(通氣量、攪拌速度、補料速度) ,最終建立一種適于目的基因高效表達的高密度發酵工藝模式。