quartz ultraviolet laser中文意思是什麼

quartz ultraviolet laser解釋

  • quartz: n. 【礦物】石英,水晶。 milky quartz 乳石英。 smoky quartz 煙水晶。 violet quartz 紫石英。 water quartz 泡水晶。
  • ultraviolet: adj. 【物理學】紫外的;紫外線的;產生[應用]紫外線的。n. 紫外線輻射。
  • laser: n 鐳射激光,受激發射光,激光;萊塞;激光器,光激射器 ( = light amplification by stimulated emis...

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  1. Technology to unite ppm with turbo code in ultraviolet laser communication

  2. We all know that the output of ultraviolet ( uv ) laser mostly depends on the conversion of nonlinear frequency, thus a new kind of excellent nonlinear optics ( nlo ) crystal is very important for the output of new wavelength

  3. Extreme ultraviolet laser

  4. First, a hinged cornea flap is created and flipped aside. then, an ultraviolet laser called an excimer laser, is applied onto the underlying cornea

  5. The bright prospect of applications for ultraviolet laser in medical laser surgery, material processing etc. is presently limited by the lack of efficient delivery tools. therefore, there is an urgent need of manufacturing fiber with excellent performances