quick disconnect coupling中文意思是什麼

quick disconnect coupling解釋

  • quick: n 奎克〈姓氏〉。adj 1 快,迅速的,急速的 (opp slow); 短時間的。2 敏捷的;機敏的,聰明的,伶俐的...
  • disconnect: vt 1 分開,隔開,使(一物)與(另一物)分離 (from; with)。2 割斷,切斷(聯絡),掛斷(電話),...
  • coupling: n. 聯結;交尾;【機械工程】管箍;聯結器;軸接;(火車的)車鉤,【電學】耦合。

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  1. Press the buttons and retract the clamping cylinder for clamping ring on quick release coupling on carrier center section

    "按下按鈕並縮回起重車中段速脫離合器上壓圈上的夾緊缸? ? ? ? ?
  2. The enterprise widenmann max kg armaturenfabrik deals in ball valves and armatures, fittings in addition to quick fitting coupling as well as with fittings for industrial application

  3. This media can be used to provide quick - disconnect for auxiliary power for active i o modules, connect the data line from one device to another, provide input and output to blocks, and provide diagnostic, mechanical and electrical functions

    的姐妹品牌,主要生產各種圓型連接器多埠接線盒mpis ,用於各種傳感器電源線和信號線的現場快速可靠接插,省去了很多繁瑣的配線。
  4. Elevator afoot, either safe loop being opening, quick disconnect host machine motor

  5. Quick connect coupling