quick releasing relay中文意思是什麼

quick releasing relay解釋

  • quick: n 奎克〈姓氏〉。adj 1 快,迅速的,急速的 (opp slow); 短時間的。2 敏捷的;機敏的,聰明的,伶俐的...
  • releasing: 派發
  • relay: n 1 接替的馬;驛馬;接替的狗;(備有接替馬匹的)旅館。2 接替;接替人員;補給供應。3 分程遞送;傳...

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  1. Quick and accurate acquest of signal is critical for the utility of an lpi radar

  2. Doing a measurement with your dmm in the acv position on your dc circuit will give a quick indication of any excess ripple on the supply when you don " t have a scope at hand

  3. Relay station of afferent nerve

  4. Contemporary, this product can affixture the electrical granules onto walls and floors to cleanse the air to make human feel well by releasing the anion to barges against the granule in the atmosphere

  5. The quick cable - releasing hanger of our company adopts many advantages of various factories at home and abroad, has the characteristics of operation is flexible, weight is light, cable - fastening is safe, cable - releasing is quick, every hanger undergone strict processing, assembly and examination, and meet a criterion of iso 9001 quality system, it was examined on tensile test before the products levaing the factory that can meet the requirements of safe and long time operations at ope wharf