r and r中文意思是什麼

r and r解釋
1. =rest and recuperation (leave) 【美軍】(正常例假以外的)休整假期。
2. rock'n'roll 搖滾舞(曲)。

  • r: 1 〈拉丁語〉 recipe 【醫學】處方。2 radical 3 Reaumur 4 〈拉丁語〉 Rex Regina 5 radius 6 ratio 7 ...
  • and: n. 1. 附加條件。2. 〈常 pl. 〉附加細節。

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  1. An experimental apparatus is specially designed and amounted for the purpose of comparing the characteristics of cycles of lhr, acr _ i, acr _ r

    本文還自行設計、安裝和調試成功能分別用於lhr 、 acr工和acrr循環的實d驗裝置。
  2. For example, the different level that enterprise emphasizes r & d department and manufacture department will cause different value adscription feeling of employees. another example, the inequity among employees which are caused different inspirit mechanism cause different reward, consequently, cause conflict among different department and between enterprise inside and outside. this kind of conflict is caused by friction between inside culture and outside environment

  3. Although ascenvision is smaller, it is more focused, concentrating on the development of networking equipment and software. mr. babu believes that ascenvision has a bright future ahead of it, while he himself was interested in moving into r d work ; he was therefore delighted to accept ascenvision s invitation to join the company

    相較之下,亞盛科技雖然規模較小,是一家以網路相關設備及軟體為主要產品,專精於網路設計的公司, mr . babu十分看好亞盛科技的前景,並且希望將來能從軟體設計,再朝研發工作發展,所以接受該公司的邀約。
  4. There has been many papers to discuss the in - medium quark and gluon condensates in nuclear matter which use the models with su ( 2 ) l su ( 2 ) r sym - metry. now, we make use of the chiral model su ( 3 ) l su ( 3 ) n including the baryon octet to discuss the quark condensate < qq > in strange matter, where q is an up or down quark field. on the one hand, from the experimetal data, it is found that < qq > vac = - ( 225 25mev ) 3, on the other hand, with the hellmann - feynman theorem, quark condensate can be evaluated on the hadronic level. in this paper, we will investigate the quark condensate in strange matter with the chiral symmetry su ( 3 ) l x su ( 3 ) rspontaneous breaking lagrangian to obtain the variation of the quark condensate in the strange matter when the baryon number change. it can be applied to understand the neutron stars when the neutron star are considered to be constructed by the strange matter. because nertron stars are homogeneous and at very low temperature, we will use the mean - field approximation and zero temperature throughout this paper

    鑒于已有大量文獻討論了核物質中的夸克凝聚,本文將討論在奇異物質中的夸克凝聚。而在介質中的夸克凝聚的基本公式可由hellmann - feynman理論導出,所以運用手征對稱自發破缺拉氏量以及平均場近似,我們就可以討論在奇異物質中的夸克凝聚,由所計算的結果表明: ( 1 )奇異物質中的夸克凝聚隨奇異物質密度的增大而單調減小。 ( 2 ) -凝聚的出現對衰減率有影響。
  5. Motivated by this observation, this paper studies the problem of efficiently processing k nn k - ge 1 search on r - tree - like structures storing historical information about moving object trajectories. two algorithms are developed based on best - first traversal paradigm, called bfp k nn and bft k nn, which handle the k nn retrieval with respect to the static query point and the moving query trajectory, respectively. both algorithms minimize the number of node access, that is, they perform a single access only to those qualifying nodes that may contain the final result

    例如,若已知動物的軌跡,則動物學家可能提出如下兩種查詢: i在時間區間ti , tj內找到離一個給定的靜態點譬如食物源實驗室等最近的k條動物軌跡ii在時間區間ti , tj內找到離一條預先指定的動物軌跡最近的k條動物軌跡。