n. 名詞 【埃及神話】太陽神。
Ra1=radium 【化學】鐳。


    1. The protein nucleic acid complexes were identified by autoradiography for 48 h. the psg5heo and igfbp - 6 promoter pcat vectors were transfected into cos - 7 cells with iipofectamin2000 ; these cos - 7 cells where treated with 1 jxm e2, with lonm tcdd and with both lonm tcdd and 1 jxm e2, individually ; the cat protein was examined by cat - els a. results : the congenital skeletal defects in fetal rats were induced with 10 - 15ug / kg tcdd or with 100 - 140 mg / kg ra with dosage - dependence effect. the igfbp - 6 mrna in rat calvaria tissue and mc - 3t3 - el cells were increased with tcdd and ( or ) ra, whereas the cell proliferation and igf - 2 mrna in mc - 3t3 - el cells was decreased in the status of e2

      結果: tcdd在大鼠胚胎發育時期具有骨骼致畸作用,骨骼發育畸形包括:內翻足、脊柱裂、顱面骨發育缺陷、無尾畸形等;隨著tcdd濃度的升高( 10一15林擴kg ) ,致畸率明顯上升( 14 . 7 %一24 . 6 % ) ; tcdd和ra聯合用藥可以增強對大鼠骨骼發育的致畸效應; e :對成骨細胞內igf一2基因有正性調節作用,對igfbp一6基因有負性調節作用, tcdd可以抑制e :對細胞內xgf一2和igfbp一6的調節作用。
    2. The ra can then register users and manage certificate requests without having direct access to the certifier id and password

    3. The experimental investigation of bone marrow cytology and histopathology in patients with mds - ra and caa

    4. He of sedge and bee, king of kings, son of ra,

    5. Project planning , for own ra related projects