音標 ['ræbit]
n. 名詞 1. 兔,家兔;野兔;兔皮。
2. 膽小的人,懦夫。
3. 〈英口〉笨拙的球員。
4. 【軍事】由工廠中偷出來的東西。
vt. 及物動詞 打兔子,獵兔。
vi. 不及物動詞 兔子似地聚攏 ( together) go rabbiting 去打兔子。
n. 名詞 -er 捕兔者。
vt. 及物動詞 〈下流語〉〈常用命令語氣〉咒罵,詛咒。
Odd rabbit it!= 'Od rabbit 'em! 討厭!討厭的傢伙!


    1. ` abracadabra, ' said the conjuror as he pulled the rabbit from the hat

    2. 2. the antiserum of rabbit anti - ucp1 from brown adipose tissue of tree shrew was prepared successfully

      2 、我們酶聯免疫實驗結果表明ucp1濃度與冷馴化時間呈正相關。
    3. Autologous marrow stromal cells enhance earlier osseointegration in porous coated - apatite titanium implants in rabbit

    4. A rabbit was infected with a cloned yntatl, blood was collecting from from the rabbit every 3 days after infection within 30 days, 10 clonal trypanosome populations were gotten, infecting a new rabbit by the last non - cloned trypanosome population. repeated above all, thus infected 5 rabbits sequentially. twenty different vats ( variant antigen type ) were monitored and characterized from those fifty mono - clonal populations by indirect immunofluorescence test ( ift ) and avidin biotin enzyme immunoassay ( abc - eia )

      用伊氏錐蟲雲南水牛單克隆株yntat1感染兔,感染后30天內,每3天從兔血中分離錐蟲並單蟲克隆,最後一個未單蟲克隆的蟲株感染另一隻兔,重復以上操作,這樣順序感染5隻兔子,共獲得50個單克隆錐蟲種群( tp ) ,經間接免疫熒光和abc酶標試驗鑒定共為20個抗原性互不相同的抗原變異體( vats ) 。
    5. In contrast, n - acetyl - d - galactosamine, sucrose, d - glucose, glycogen, d - mannose, l - fucose and fetuin had no inhibitory effects on hemagglutination. so the lectin activity in the humoral fluids of amphioxus is sh group - dependent and is specifically inhibited by various d - galactosides. also, the humoral fluids obtained from e. coli - injected amphioxus showed increased agglutinating activity against human b and o, rabbit, grass carp and toad erythrocytes, but not against human a and chick erythrocytes, hinting that there might be two types of lectins in amphioxus humoral fluids