race ground中文意思是什麼

race ground解釋

  • race: n 1 競賽;賽跑;賽艇;賽馬;〈pl 〉賽馬會,跑馬會;競賽;疾走。2 路程,行程;經歷,人生路程,一輩...
  • ground: adj 碾碎了的,磨過的,磨成粉的。 ground and polished piston 【機械工程】研磨活塞。n 1 地,地面;...

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  1. Camping facilities which exists in the chobe national park includes : serondela, a developed site with ablution facilities ; linyati, partially developed ; savuti a temporary camping ground and noghatsaa yet to be developed

  2. " oh, those villeforts are an accursed race !

    「噢,維爾福這一家人真都該天誅地滅! 」
  3. The flooding began flushing out rat holes around the lake, triggering a literal rat race for higher ground

  4. A person harasses another person on the ground of the latter s race if that first - mentioned person engages in unwelcome conduct which may include an oral or written statement on account of that second - mentioned person s race, in circumstances in which a reasonable person, having regard to all the circumstances, would have anticipated that the second - mentioned person would be offended, humiliated or intimidated by that conduct.

  5. Not until the race began did he come to the play ground