radar approach aid (rad)中文意思是什麼

radar approach aid (rad)解釋

  • radar: n 〈美國〉【無線電】 〈radio detecting and ranging 之略〉 雷達,無線電探測器 (=〈英國〉 radiolo...
  • approach: vt 1 向…接近,走近;使接近。2 探討;看待,對待,處理。3 向…接洽[提議]。4 〈美國〉企圖收買。vi 臨...
  • aid: AID = Agency for International Development 〈美國〉國際開發署。n 1 幫助,援助。2 幫助者,助手。3...
  • rad: n. 【物理學】拉德〈吸收輻射劑量單位〉。

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  1. The radar images figs. 2 3 show the approach of an intense squall line associated with this trough

    雷達圖像顯示與該低壓槽相關連的強烈颮線逐漸移近本港圖2 。
  2. Validation of the presented approach is verified through numerical simulations of radar measurements over the bare soil surfaces

  3. General specification of precision approach radar system

  4. Epa. maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems - radar plotting aids - part 3 : electronic plotting aid ; performance requirements ; methods of testing and required test results

  5. Wake vortex separation standards are used to prevent hazardous wake vortex encounters which mainly found in the final approach course within the airport termination zone. firstly, this paper analysis the mechanism of the vortex decay and research the influence on the safety of the flight ; then. several different radar wake vortex separation standards are compared and some basic guidelines are developed to establish the future vortex standards. in addition, one kind of advance vortex classification for the civil airplane is proposed. secondly, an encounter hazard model which established for the following aircraft and a simple vortex decay model which mostly concern with the proceeding one are developed ; and a safe separation model can be derived from the both. finally, through the simulation calculation, the correctness of the vortex classification of different types of aircrafts are tested and proved