radiative envelope中文意思是什麼

radiative envelope解釋

  • radiative: adj. 1. 發光的,放熱的;放射的,發射的。2. 【物理學】輻射性的。
  • envelope: n. 1. 信封;紙袋;包封,封皮。2. 殼層,外殼。3. 【數學】包(絡)線;包跡。4. 【航空】氣囊;【天文學】包層;【生物學】包膜,包被。

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  1. This work produced large amounts of high - purity envelope protein antigens and envelope - specific antisera, and established detection systems for envelope antigens as well as antibodies

  2. As the cyclin dependent kinase, cdc2 may act at multiple levels during mitosis to repress ribosome biogenesis, which lead the biosynthesis to a relative silent phase, when the most of cell ' s energy expenditure is used in chromosome condensation, breakdown of the nuclear envelope, and formation of the mitotic spindle

    作為cyclin依賴激酶, cdc2的激酶活性在很大程度上抑制了細胞的合成代謝,使細胞的蛋白合成進入了一個相對的靜止期,而細胞主要的能量則被應用於細胞分裂時的染色體的濃縮、核膜的降解、紡錘體的形成等。
  3. As hetty concluded, she reverently unrolled a small english bible from its envelope of coarse calico.

  4. The infrared carbon stars, whose infrared spectra are mainly due to the dust emission in the circumstellar envelope, are usually believed to be surrounded by the carbon rich envelope characterized by the sic emission feature at 11. 3um

    紅外碳星常被認為有很厚的富碳拱星殼層,它的紅外光譜主要表現為源於拱星殼層的塵埃發射,這個塵埃發射主要以11 . 3 m的sic發射為標記。
  5. As a new component of sensor, fiber grating have many instinctive advantages, such as light in weight, anti - cauterization, anti - interference in electromagnetism, high - sensitivity and compaction in construction. it is very easy to be coupled with fibers and the coupling - loss is slight. using fiber grating ’ s character of sensitivity for stress ; people have done some envelope experiments on structural systems ( such as storied buildings, bridge, railway and dam )