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  1. Mr. takeshi yoro and mr. c. w. nicol are among the 22 founders of the movement, which will expand its campaign to include raising funds for the transplanting of low - pollen japanese cedars, encouraging the use of tama - manufactured timber and promoting participation in volunteer activities

    養老孟司和c . w . nicol等22人成為運動的發起人,他們將通過增加轉換種植低花粉杉木的資金鼓勵使用多摩製造的木材以及鼓勵志願者參與等活動來擴大這項運動。
  2. Seeking solution for difficulty in raising funds of individually - run enterprises

  3. It is summarized that the water shipping corporations must develop following m arket economics law and raising funds must do according to the principle of keeping expenditures within the limits of income

  4. During its growth, the family business has to get integrated with the financial capital for raising funds from the general public in the impersonalized capital market

  5. Apart from being the birth place of his knowledge, hong kong also provided a forum for spreading his revolutionary ideas, raising funds for the revolutionary cause, and supervising the uprisings of xing zhong hui revive china society and tong meng hui united league