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  • rate: n 1 比率,率;速度,進度;程度;(鐘的快慢)差率。2 價格;行市,行情;估價,評價;費,費用,運費...
  • card: n 1 紙牌;〈pl 〉紙牌機。2 卡片(紙);明信片;請柬;入場券;名片。3 節目單;程序單;戲單;菜單;...

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  1. The price of asset closing quotation that releases markers of executive price with authority card commonly certainly is a foundation, rise ( apply to subscribe authority card ) or reduce ( apply to card of authority identifying buy ) fixed rate

  2. The ocog may establish a al area dealing with rate card aspects

  3. Program " means the american express membership rewards program for centurion card members with the option to redeem frequent traveler rewards plus an earn rate of 3 points for every hk 1 charged and billed to the card account. triple points are applicable to the first hk 312, 000 spent for each program year

    3倍積分優惠適用於加入3倍加賞積分計劃之會員,由加入計劃後起每12個月內憑卡簽付之首港幣312 , 000簽賬而港幣312 , 001及其後之簽賬,每港幣1隻可獲1分。
  4. To fundamentally change this state of affairs, from the end of play today, the city ' s ad hoc campaigns to lock objectives : county - level cities undocumented units investigated rate was 100 %, the establishment of county - level cities of food and raw materials procurement request ledger card unit 100 %, on the use of dead livestock and poultry and their products and use of drug harmful substances processed foods coverage of the supervision and inspection of 100 % ; the county - level cities of graded supervision of food hygiene management system implementation rate of 95 % ; food units and rural farmers lok food operational behavior of the basic norms

    為從根本上改變這種狀況,從即日起到年底,全市專項整治行動鎖定工作目標:縣城以上城市無證單位查處率100 % ,縣城以上城市建立食品原料采購索證和臺賬的單位100 % ,對使用病死畜禽及其製品和使用有毒有害物質加工食品行為的監督檢查覆蓋率100 % ;縣城以上城市食品衛生監督量化分級管理制度實施率95 % ;農村餐飲單位和農家樂餐飲經營行為基本規范。
  5. The simplest way is in namely action travel first open one zhangyi cartoon, toward inside put hundreds of money, return only application credit card by right of deposit next, this kind of means cries " with kakaika ", it is ok to need id card only, and successful rate is very high, only drawback is initiative overdraw the forehead is spent lower, do not exceed 3000 commonly

    最簡單的辦法就是在招行先開辦一張一卡通,往裡面存幾百塊錢,然後憑借存款回單申辦信用卡,這種方式叫「以卡開卡」 ,只需要身份證就可以了,而且成功率很高,唯一的缺點就是初始透支額度比較低,一般不超過3000 。