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  • rate: n 1 比率,率;速度,進度;程度;(鐘的快慢)差率。2 價格;行市,行情;估價,評價;費,費用,運費...
  • regulator: n 1 管理者。2 調整者;整理者。3 校準者;【機械工程】調整器,校準器,調節器;【無線電】穩定器;【...

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  1. Pricing deposit product of exchange rate range accrual

  2. Be based on the reason of above, at tuberculosis the young men and women of mobile period shoulds not be marry live together, at present the many specific that fight consumptive disease is like streptomycin, isoniazid, acerbity to ammoniac willow natrium, rifampin to wait, can make much new come on the patient passes a year of to a year of half cure heal, its recrudesce rate is very low also

  3. Rlean meat percentage is one of the most important economic traints in pig breeding programs. myostatin is a negative regulator of skeletal muscle growth. null or low activity of myostatin, individual muscle of mutant amimals would show a large and widespread increase in skeletal mass. myostatin null animals have significantly larger diameter or more quantity of fiber skeletal muscle. the phenotype was termed double muscling. in order to probe the relation between myostatin and high lean meat rate and plump - hipped trait, we sythesized the c ' 80 amino acids coding sequence of porcine myostatin and costructed the cloning and expressing vector of it

    肌生成抑制素( myostatin ,即mstn )是近幾年來( mcpherrona . c等, 1997 )發現的骨骼肌生長的負調控因子,它主要在骨骼肌中表達。其活性的喪失,會引起動物肌肉的過度發育,肌纖維直徑變大或肌纖維數增加,表現為雙肌癥狀。肌生成抑制素研究的突破將對豬、肉雞、肉牛等畜禽生產性能的提高具有特別重要的意義。
  4. Theoretical analysis and testing results demonstrated that viton, a new substitute of the former plasticizer, could noticeably improve its performances, which has been proved as the important improvements of the mixture. due to the favorable thermochemistry performance, dicyandiamide can act as a good combustion - rate regulator. the addition of antistatic agent can desirably increase the antistatic capability of the mixture, and the testing results showed that the performance of the improved mixture was excellent

  5. Furthermore, it was the first time to make a systemic analysis and study to the motion rule and affected factors of this kind of transformer. with the applications of relative polar method and equal view angle method, the transformer that satisfies the requirement of transmission rate and output motion is synthesized. thus, an original non - frictional stepless speed regulator with a 1. 5kw input power, a 1500 rotation speed, a constant150output rotation speed and a maximum 300 output rotation speed was achieved

    在此基礎上利用相對極點法和等視角法按傳動比及輸出運動的要求對轉換器進行了綜合,得出了輸入功率1 . 5kw ,輸入轉速1500 ,額定輸出轉速為150 ,最大輸出轉速300的新型的非摩擦式無級變速器的基本尺寸參數並應用adams軟體對其進行了優化;最後對該非摩擦式無級變速器進行了過約束分析,提出了新型的非摩擦式無級變速器無過約束分析的機構運動副的配置方案。