音標 ['reitiŋ]
n. 名詞 1. 分等級;定等級;估價;估計;分攤,分配;【電學】測定,計算;〈美國〉(考試的)批分數。
2. 額定值,定額;參量;工作能力;(商店的)信用程度;〈英國〉地方稅徵收額。
3. 【航海】(船艦或海員的)等級;(汽車等的)規格;〈pl. 〉〈英國〉剛入伍的船員。
4. (電臺、電視臺經調查確定的)節目受歡迎的程度。
n. 名詞 叱責,斥責。
give a sound rating 嚴厲申斥一頓。


    1. Methods of testing airflow measurement stations for rating

    2. This is the first and largest intermediate term outcome study of anorexia nervosa in asia. the subjects were a consecutive number of 88 patients who were seen at the prince of wales hospital psychiatric unit and hong kong eating disorders centre during 1984 to 2000. the method of assessment was based on in - depth interview and self - rating scales

    3. Producers describe the film the fourth in the series about the bespectacled young wizard as the darkest production yet ; it is the first of the films so far to achieve a pg12 rating, meaning under 12s should not view it without adult supervision

    4. This ministry rating is not known for all magical creatures included in the bestiary, only those which appear in the book fantastic beasts and where to find them

    5. Bidder s overall rating equal to or above " bad " and