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  • ration: n 1 (供應物等的)限額,定額,定量;飼料配(給)量。2 〈常 pl 〉(一般人或動物尤指兵員的)每日口...
  • indent: vt 1 把…刻成鋸齒狀,使犬牙交錯。2 使彎入,使凹進。3 一式二份[多份]地起草文件[合同等]。4 【印刷】...

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  1. The government of nepal shall make all the necessary arrangements including ration needed for the maoist combatants after placing them within the cantonments

  2. The cyclo - hoop effect which steel tubular has exert to the concrete shows the character of heterogeneous in the arch rib section, the same to the axial direction. the paper verifies the change of the material poisson ration and the concrete grade will make the cyclo - hoop effect obvious alteration, the change of the cyclo - hoop effect and the stress redistribution of the section produced by the shrinking and creeping of the concrete and the expensive concrete on the section

  3. Fifa f d ration internationale de football association

  4. However, when the usa was admitted in 1921, the committee changed its name to the f d ration internationale de gymnastique or fig, as it is known today

    1921年,隨著美國的加入,聯合會更名為國際體操聯合會,簡寫為fig 。國際體操聯合會下設三類奧運比賽項目:競技體操藝術體操和蹦床。
  5. The f te de la f d ration of 1790 was a huge feast and official event to celebrate the arising of the short - lived constitutional monarchy in france and what people of the time considered to be the happy conclusion of the french revolution