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  1. A revision is long overdue, said dr. raul artal of the saint louis university school of medicine

  2. To the delight of del bosque and valdano, and to the public approval of team - mates fernando hierro and michel salgado, he proved himself utterly unfazed ? shouting commands and instruction as readily to zidane and raul as he did to new young full - back raul bravo

    巴爾達諾和博斯克非常欣喜,隊友耶羅和薩爾加多也公開表示歡迎,坎比亞索徹徹底底的證明了自己,他可以容易的叫喊著指揮齊達內和勞爾(狗狗啊? ? )就像他對年輕的新人後衛勞爾?布拉沃( … …現在才想起來還有他… …好久不見了)一樣。
  3. China also needs to improve environmental qualities of various institutions both private and public, said augusto lopez - claros, chief economist and director of the wef ' s global competitiveness network

  4. Lopez moved on with one of her backup singers, cris judd ( whom she married in a small ceremony in september of 2001 )

    接下來洛佩茲和她的一位后備歌手克里斯?賈德開始了新的生活(他們於2001年九月份舉行了一個小型婚禮) 。
  5. The number of shipman ' s possible victims announced in a british government health department report today, would place him just behind recent history ' s most prolific serial killer, colombian pedro armando lopez