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  • rca: RCA =Radio Corperation of America 美國無線電公司。
  • global: adj. 1. 球面的,球狀的;全球的。2. 世界的。3. 總體的,普遍的,綜合的。adv. -ly
  • communication: n. 1. 通訊,通知;交換;信息;書信,口信,通報。2. 傳達,傳授;傳播;傳染。3. 交通,交通機關;聯系,連絡(設備)。4. 【宗教】接受聖餐。
  • inc: 包括在內的

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  1. Training on interpol global communication system

  2. In the hardware design, the paper completes modules ’ design like outside memory, patulous a / d, patulous d / a, rs232 communication, ecan communication, led control, keyboard control, distant control, emulation, reset, logic voltage switch, dsp supply power regulate and ac - dc power circuit, as well as room layout design like anterior panel, back panel etc. and dsp transfers data with peripheral equipments except outside memory using serial ports. besides, the whole circuit is configured in interrupt response. thus, it can meet system demand as well as take full advantage of tms320f2812 ’ s hardware resource. in the software design, the paper finishs programs like the interface programms intercommunicates with people, the distant control program, ad and da modules ’ control program, in addition, the paper select the velocity and acceleration state - feedback algorithm and is written in the program. the software design uses dsp integrate exploiting environment named ccs2. 2 of ti inc. as software instrument, and programs with the combination of c language and assembly language. moreover, in order to maintenance or modify the software expediently and shorten software ’ s exploitation time, the design adopt software modularization technique. finally, some air cylinder experiments are carried out to proved that the pneumatic controller is very practical

    在硬體設計中,本文完成了片外存儲器擴展、 a / d擴展、 d / a擴展、 rs232通信介面、 ecan通信總線介面、液晶顯示控制、鍵盤控制、遠程控制、模擬、復位、邏輯電平轉換、 dsp工作電源校正電路和ac - dc電源等模塊設計以及控制器前面板、後面板等的空間布局設計。其中dsp與除外部存儲器的外圍設備之間的數據傳送全部採用串口通信,同時系統電路配置成中斷響應方式,這樣既滿足了系統要求,又充分利用了tms320f2812的硬體資源。在軟體設計中,本文完成了人機界面功能模塊、遠程控制模塊、 ad擴展模塊、 da擴展模塊、速度和加速度狀態反饋的控制演算法的程序設計。
  3. Signified by the signing of the “ agency personal duty refund collection for consumption abroad ” agreement by icbc shanghai branch, beijing branch and the world renowned refund agency global refund inc., icbc took the lead in the country to offer agency duty refund for consumption abroad

  4. Mphil in communication ma in global communication

    全球傳播文學碩士* ^
  5. The simulation indicates that, the higher tolerance of agent each other leads to a consistent opinion, the acceptability of individual opinion doesn ' t affect eventual opinion model but time lag, the global communication can conduce to convergence legible opinion but needs more time while local communication can conduce to focus opinion but needs more communication iterations, centralized organization can obtain consistent opinion more easily than autonomous organization