rdbm relational data base machine中文意思是什麼

rdbm relational data base machine解釋

  • rdbm: 關系數據庫管理器
  • relational: adj. 有關系的;親戚的;(特指語法上)表示關系的。adv. -ly
  • data: n 1 資料,材料〈此詞系 datum 的復數。但 datum 罕用,一般即以 data 作為集合詞,在口語中往往用單數...
  • base: n 1 基底,基,根基,底座;底層,底子;(紀念碑等的)基址;(山)麓。2 【軍事】基地,根據地。3 根...
  • machine: n 1 機(器),機械;機關,機構。2 印刷機器;縫紉機;打字機;汽車;自行車;三輪車;飛機;〈美俚〉...

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  1. Software part want function that realize : through interrupt service routine gather and come out regularly ecg signal, store among computer in the form of the binary scale ; data compress programme should realize to ecg signal pretreatment and compress of signal, narrow the storing amount of the data, save the space ; case information management system realize patient information and heart telecommunication file of interest, keep and in the data base, can show the ecg signal wave form at the screen of the computer directly data that gather. and has offered and type and report the single function

  2. In the thesis, the functions, databases and programs of the dnc system is designed, and it is developed with visual c + + program and sql server 2000 data base management system

    論文還對dnc系統的功能、數據庫及程序進行了設計,用visualc + +和sqlserver2000進行了軟體開發。
  3. Based on the rank system of rock desertification and the remote sensing and geographical system, the author uses the visual interpreting ways of interchangeable human - machine to establish a 1 : 100000 data base of rock desertification space. the data indicates that the rock desertification areas above the medium degree in guizhou province are 13187km2, covering 7. 49 % of the province ; whereas those above the minor degree are 35920km, covering 20. 39 % of the province

    在石漠化等級體系的基礎上,在遙感和地理信息系統的支持下,採用人機互動式目視解譯方法,建立了1 : 10萬的石漠化空間數據庫,結果顯示目前貴州省中度以上石漠化面積13187km ~ 2 ,佔到7 . 49 ,輕度以上石漠化面積35920km ~ 2 ,佔到全省的20 . 39 。
  4. Control enables you to use a web control to access data located in a relational data base, including microsoft sql server and oracle databases, as well as ole db and odbc data sources

    控制項,可以使用web控制項訪問位於某個關系數據庫中的數據,該數據庫包括microsoft sql server和oracle數據庫,以及ole db和odbc數據源。
  5. Then, make a further study on the basis of the theory of relational data base ( rdb ) and oriented - object relational data base ( oordb ) : discuss the corresponding relation between uml modeling technology and rdb and oordb, and the cases of oordb are modeled by uml modeling technology