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  • read: vt 1 閱讀,朗讀,誦讀;【議會】宣讀(議案);照譜唱[奏] (aloud out off)。2 辨讀,辨認(暗號等)...
  • magic: adj 魔術的,巫術的,幻術的,不可思議的,有奇異魔力的。 magic words 咒語。 a magic wand 魔杖。 mag...

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  1. Yasha had read in some holy book that abraham had worshipped the sun before accepting the existence of jehovah.

  2. Her piano playing is absolute magic.

  3. The acrobatics and magic of the.

    神出鬼沒及本領高強的狐仙藉尖端的舞臺? .
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  5. The font color for magic items in hireling inventories should be a bit easier to read