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  • real: adj 1 真實的,真正的 (opp sham ) 實際的,現實的 ( opp ideal) 事實上的,實質上的 (opp nominal...
  • production: n 1 生產,產生;【物理學】(粒子的)生成;製造;(電影的)攝制;(戲劇的)演出;著作。2 產品,製...

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  1. The cultivation enterprise first founded by li fucheng with a loan of 5000 rmb 20 years ago has now developed into a large comprehensive corporation, fucheng corporation ? a body of backbone enterprises of beef cattle cultivation, butchering and processing, fodder production, white wine brewage, cooked food processing, real estate development, beverage production, hotels and repast service, etc, which is doubtlessly a wonder

    李福成先生二十年前從貸款5000元起家創辦養殖企業,二十年後的今天已經發展成為集肉牛飼養、屠宰加工、飼料生產、白酒釀造、熟食加工、房地產開發、飲料生產、酒店和餐飲服務等支柱企業為一體的大型綜合企業? ?福成集團,無疑是一個奇跡。
  2. Abstract : the measurement of asymmetric gear is discussed, especially the measurement of base tan - gent length of this kind of gear is studied in details. the formula of measuring and calculating the base tangent length and the number of tooth - jump are deduced in order to use in real production

  3. With the combination of capital, labor, management and technology, can we have the real production

  4. In real production system, this step is usually not necessary because the key pairs are usually pre - generated and stored in server key stores

  5. For more information on this new feature to define tests, it can also show you how to use this new feature of the java language in a real production environment