recarburization practice中文意思是什麼

recarburization practice解釋

  • recarburization: 再滲碳
  • practice: n 1 實行,實踐,實施;實際;實用;做法,技術。2 習慣,慣例,常規。3 練習,演習,實習,實驗;老練...

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  1. We know the luminosity is directly related to the absolute magnitude. so, in practice, we usually use absolute magnitudes instead

  2. In addition, this paper carry out successfully the support design practice in the preceding excavation of 4km long exploratory tunnel. according to the thesis research results, the following conclusion can be drawn. if the grouting rock can possess sound anti - seepage capability and the liner structure can hold higher hydraulic permeability relatively, and if the adjoining rock can be made as primary load - bearing structure by construction measure, the stability of country rock and the safety of liner structure will be guaranteed

  3. Adoption is in practice a common solution to a case of illegitimacy.

  4. From the customer expectation, the stuff, the service recovery, the mysterious customer and so on, the thesis discusses the management of the service quality of customer aesthesia in the hotel to meet the practice identically

  5. What this thesis focuses on is that in the judicial practice, the difficulty to determine the aim premise, generates the crime of contract fraud cannot accurately be applied, or punish some acts aggressing the good faith system of contract seriously, and leads to the confusion for the judicial offices to transfer or suspend cases when the civil and criminal affairs intercrossing