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  • receive: vt 1 領受,接到,收到,得到(信、命令、請帖等);接受(歡迎,招待,請願,建議,懲罰,損傷等)。2 ...
  • channel: n 1 水路,水道,渠,溝;海峽;河床,河底。2 (柱等的)槽,凹縫;【機械工程】槽鐵,凹形鐵。3 〈比...

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  1. General specification for receive channel module of airborne anti - jam set

  2. There must be a marine casualty happened every 4 days before 1984, the amount of marine casualty happened at this area corresponds to 1 / 7 amount of the whole changjiang " marine casualty, so mariners gave it a name as " mouth of tiger ". due to the specific geographical condition and the extremely representative vessel traffic management of changjiang yingongzhou channel section, many intelligent people began researching and practicing the vessel traffic management of this changjiang " s down - stream complicated channel section from 1980s, at dec 15th 1984 the authority at that time - changjiang yingongzhou channel section previously ; up to the last years of 1980s ministry management administration applied traffic control on changjiang yingongzhou channel section previously, up to the last years of 1980s ministry of communications assigned shanghai marine college, shanghai ship & shipping research institute and changjiang harbor superintendence administration to make feasibility demonstrate about modern vts of zhenjiang traffic control section ; in 1990 dasha radar station which is the first radar vts station with inner river was finished, groped a new way for applying modern radar traffic control of vessel traffic management ; in 1997 the vtms of changjiang " s down - stream from nanjing to liuhekou was completed with connecting net and came into operation formally, meanwhile the signals of dasha radar station were conveyed to vts center by light cable, and then united applying vessel traffic management upon the whole authorized area ; in jun 2001 jiangsu msa made changjiang yingongzhou channel section as the first experimental group of creating " civilized, safe, passable channel activity, updating dasha radar antenna and receive - transmitter building closed - circuit television monitor system, setting uo safety warning board, starting navigational route reformation, carrying out united construction

    1984以前這里平均每四天就發生一起海損事故,事故數占整個長江的1 7 ,被行船人稱為「老虎口」 。長江尹公洲航段緣其極為特殊的地理區位條件和極具代表性的船舶交通管理,從上個世紀八十年代初就有識之士開始了這個長江下游最復雜航段的船舶交通管理探索和實踐。 1984年11月15日當時的長江航政管理局在長江尹公洲水域率先施行交通管制;到八十年代末交通部委託上海海運學院、上海船舶研究所和長江港監局聯合開展鎮江交通管制段建立現代化交管系統的可行性論證; 1990年大沙雷達站? ?內河第一座雷達交管站建成,摸索實施現代化雷達交管的船舶交通管理新途徑; 1997年長江下游南京至瀏河口船舶交通管理系統建成聯網投入正式運行,同時將大沙交管雷達信號通過光纜傳輸至交管中心,統一實施全轄區船舶交通管理; 2001年6月江蘇海事局將長江尹公洲航段作為第一批創建「文明平安暢通航段」活動試點航段,更新大沙雷達天線和收發機,著手閉路工業電視監控系統建設,設立安全警示牌,啟動航路改革,開展聯合「共建」 。
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  4. This paper explains the bluetooth technology in detail, and designs the circuit and arithmetic of package composing, data error detection and correction, data whitening, receive / transmit routines, traffic control, receive / transmit timing, channel control and hop selection

  5. " many of the people who watch our animated programs are very enthusiastic about them and we did receive a number of letters and e - mails complaining about our decision to continue the table - tennis coverage, " said tom oki, a spokesman for the channel

    東京電視臺一位發言人說: 「許多觀眾對我們播放的卡通片很感興趣,當我們決定改播世兵賽後接到了許多觀眾的抱怨。而這名觀眾顯然也是這部動畫片的忠實觀眾。 」