reciprocal infection中文意思是什麼

reciprocal infection解釋

  • reciprocal: adj. 1. 相互的,交互的;可易的,互易的;酬答的。2. 【數學】倒數的,反商的。n. 1. 互相關聯的事物。2. 【數學】倒數,反商;乘法逆元素。adv. -ly
  • infection: n. 1. 傳染,感染,侵染。2. 傳染病,染毒物。3. 影響;感染。

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  1. Lung abscess is a suppurative infection of the lung resulting in destruction of lung parenchyma.

  2. The mouse model of hepatic egg granuloma of schistosoma japonicum confirmed that np30 has sensitizing effect on formation of hepatic egg granuloma, active immunity in sheeps and mice with np30 can induce good protecti on against infection with schistosoma cercariae and reduces immunopathologic damage to host, np30 plays a significant down - modulatory role to hepatic granuloma and fibrosis

  3. As at noon today november 25, there was no new case in the ward. the six female patients, aged from 19 to 29, who developed fever and respiratory tract infection symptoms between november 20 and 24, were afebrile

  4. The analysis of applying antibiotic the most frequently used medicines were those for balancing water, electrolite, acid and alkalescence ( 28. 8 % ) in the body, and followed by anti - infection ( 15. 3 % ) and vitamin ( 9. 8 % )

    手術病人抗生素應用分析使用頻率最高的藥品是調節水、電解質和酸堿平衡類藥,佔28 8 ,其次為抗感染藥,佔15 3 ,第三位是維生素類藥品,佔9
  5. Entamoeba histolytica is also called amoeba dysenteriae, and lives mainly in the colon of humans. under certain conditions, it can penetrate the intestinal wall and enter the blood stream, causing amebic dysentery and various types of amebiasis infection with amebae