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  • record: n 1 記錄;記載。2 【法律】案卷;檔案;證據,證明;訴狀;公判錄。3 履歷,經歷,閱歷。4 成績;(運...
  • statement: n. 1. 陳述,聲明,聲明書。2. 【法律】供述;交待。3. 【商業】貸借對照表;(財務)報告書。

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  1. Legislators can review the congressional record before it is published to change or add a statement

  2. Based on analysis of geologic foundation record about pingzhuang basin, a lot of sino - foreign geothermal geology record and investigation of field geology, measuring of ground temperature in person and geo - chemical analysis of ascension spring, gushing water of fault, the fact that the anomaly of geothermal gradient of pingzhuang basin, which is in region of low geothermal gradient, is caused by redistribution of conduction - oriented geothermal heat flow which is result from upheaval and depression of basin foundation bed is pointed out. after the field of ground temperature is simulated under the background of conduction - oriented geothermal heat flow by means of ansys, the characteristic of ground temperature distribution of top surface of basin foundation bed ( yixian team ) is revealed. the sound condition of transmissibility fault and feeding water source, which are imperative in formation of the low - medium temperature geothermal system of convective type, is possessed in pingzhuang basin

  3. Bank statement a bank statement is a record, produced for you by the bank, of all the transactions on your bank account over a specific period of time

  4. Just for the record, the minister 's statement is wrong on two points.

  5. This persistent storage mechanism can be viewed as a simple record - oriented database model and is called the record management system

    這種持久存儲機制可以被視為一種簡單的面向記錄的數據庫模型,被稱為記錄管理系統( record management system ( rms ) ) 。