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  • record: n 1 記錄;記載。2 【法律】案卷;檔案;證據,證明;訴狀;公判錄。3 履歷,經歷,閱歷。4 成績;(運...
  • transport: vt 1 運輸,運送,輸送。2 【歷史】處流刑,流放。3 殺死。4 〈常用被動語態〉使心情極度激動,使欣喜若...

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  1. His record of academic excellence continued through college.

  2. Yet its military reach was generally limited to regions accessible to motorized ground transport.

  3. His achievements are worthy record.

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  5. A : put the sealed bottles into the transport - box. you may sign on the doping control official record if you are sure that the whole process, all the information in the record are all correct, complete and accurate and that you have no objection