rectifying detector中文意思是什麼

rectifying detector解釋

  • rectifying: 精餾過程
  • detector: n. 1. 發覺者。2. 偵查器。3. 【化學】檢定器。4. 【電學】檢電器。5. 【電訊】檢波器,指示器。

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  1. In the blue print of the analog, author utilize the big dynamic vga to realize the if amplifier and use the audion to carry out the 80db agc, through the improvement of the traditional detect circuit, extend the dynamic range of the detector

  2. The detector has been sabotaged. he gets out and bam

  3. The discovery of the coin, found by a metal detector next to a public footpath beside the river ivel in bedfordshire about 50 miles north of london, was the first anglo - saxon gold penny to be found in nearly a century

  4. Due to existing signal processing technology ’ s shortage such aslow measurement, narrow measurement range precision and other poor performance, we introduced a high - precise signal processing technology : firstly, to get power spectrum with hanning windowed welch modified periodogram, search its peak value frequency ; secondly, to apply zooming analysis via goertzel algorithm ; at last, to get a highly precise doppler frequency with energy centrobaric rectifying algorithm 。 the simulating result indicated that this technology introduced could get accurate doppler frequency 。 depending on above discussed technology, we designed a signal processing scheme, and developed a signal processing system. the running result showed high performance, verified the feasibility and reliability of the highly precise signal processing technology introduced. in a word, the technology improved ldv ’ s performance such as measurement precision, measurement range, dynamic response time 。 and it will have a wide application foreground

  5. The liquid gas coal gas smog detector

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