1. Be held by chinese film my association, periodical office edits " masses takes photographs " k publishing, on 1st every month, issuing, rectifying 16, that the whole nation makes 16 yuan of / moon, one capital issuing known to the public creates dv portrait dream factory expert level publication

      由中國攝影家協會主辦, 《大眾攝影》雜志社編輯出版,每月1日發行,正16k ,全國公開發行16元/月,一本創造dv影像夢工廠的專家級刊物。
    2. It is important in rectifying the error in the channels. the thesis is very significative in theory and practice

    3. Aimed at the causes of the crime of inquisition by torture and confession - extortion, part iv probes into the measures of prevention and cure for it from six aspects as the following : converting creatively the traditional law culture and value concept ; adjusting the way of social control ; rectifying the tipstaff ’ s concept of law - execution and improving their professional quality ; regulating and consummating the litigation rules ; perfecting the law rules and regulations ; and guaranteeing the devotion of judicial resources

    4. It has successively got the titles of the national cleanest city, the national excellent city of environment comprehensive rectifying and the national afforestation excellent city, etc. since it invested nearly million of rmb to carry out the city beautifying programmers, xinyu has become a more green, beautiful and bright city

      隨著投資數億元的城區"三位一體"改造等五大工程的完工,城市綠化、美化、亮化水平不斷提高,初顯現代化都市風情,先後榮獲全國衛生城市、全國"雙擁模範城" 、全國城市環境綜合整治優秀城市、全國造林綠化十佳城市等稱號。
    5. At the same time, the control circuit must realize power regulating of the rectifying circuit and the inverter circuit and keep some parameters impervious to the interferer. this paper has researched high frequency solid induction heating power supply