rectilinear figure中文意思是什麼

rectilinear figure解釋

  • rectilinear: 成直線
  • figure: n 1 外形,形狀,外觀;姿態。2 畫像,塑像。3 圖形,圖案;插圖;圖表。4 人影,人形;人物。5 風度,...

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  1. Makes mini figure and the shoulder action figure

  2. Dr stable said : " adonis is bent forward and the female figure is bent forward even more. " ther are two ways of looking at this

    斯陶布萊說: "阿多尼斯的姿勢是向前彎腰,而女性雕像向前彎的幅度更大。
  3. In order to achieve the track of process trace, this article develops research in four aspects : establishing a graph collection system based on pci bus. quilting process track is from the edge of cloth figure ( airscape ) which is chosen as vector by users

  4. A flow chart of aluminum processing waste stream is presented in figure 22.

  5. Anomalistic figure and special material make up the regret