red pigment中文意思是什麼

red pigment解釋

  • red: adj (redder reddest)1 紅色的,赤色的。2 赤熱的,(面孔)因…而脹紅的 (with)。3 血腥的,血淋淋...
  • pigment: n. 1. 顏料,色料。2. 【生物學】色素。

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  1. Research on preparing iron oxide red pigment using industrial scrap iron powder

  2. Food additive. black soya bean red pigment

  3. The company strictly adheres to every quality indicator of the ssop system. it supplies a series of high quality products, such as chilli red pigment, lutein, capsanthin, chilli extract, chilli oil, garlic powder and garlic oil

  4. Study on enhancement of red pigment production of monascus purrpureus by saccharomyces cerevisiae culture filtrate

  5. Using red peppers as raw materials, to extract capsaicinoids by the methods of soxhlet extraction and supercritical fluid extraction and supercritical fluid extraction and supercritical fluid extraction, then analysed and compared on the color value, yield and the percentage of capsaicinoids content of the capsicum oleoresin and capsicum red pigment, which were made by the two methods, and detect the quality of pigment