redox thermochemistry中文意思是什麼

redox thermochemistry解釋

  • redox: n. 【化學】氧還反應,氧化還原反應(=oxidation-reduction)。
  • thermochemistry: n. 【化學】熱化學。

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  1. The author suggests that the three lithosphere - scale faults, lancangjiang fault, jinshanjiang - ailaoshan fault and axis fault in the middle of the basin, are the main geological structures that control the formation of basin, magmatism and metallogenic congregate district. the anticline structure with an axis of triassic strata and the related fault system within the basin, and gonglang arch - shaped folding structure in the south of the basin are the geological structure controlling the formation of ore fields. junctions of two or more faults with different orientation, interlayer cataclastic structural zone and oxidation - reduction ( redox ) boundary were the favorable position for the formation of ore bodies

  2. L - nitroso - 2 - naphthol - 6 - sodium sulphonate ferric salt ( naphthol green b ) has excellent redox characteristics. in part i of the thesis, the soluble dye, naphthol green b, was used as a new mediator to develop an amperometric glucose biosensor

  3. Chloroplast redox poise and signaling

  4. Research on low temperature dyeing process of wool fabric in redox system

  5. Soil quality - determination of redox potential - field method iso 11271 : 2002