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  • reduction: n 1 縮小,減少;降級,降位;(刑罰等的)輕減;減速;減價,折扣。2 (城市、國家等的)陷落,投降,...
  • casting: n. 1. 投,擲。2. 【冶金】鑄造;鑄件。3. 【動物;動物學】脫棄,脫落物〈如毛、皮等〉。4. 計算。5. 想法,手法。6. (木材等的)翹曲。7. 【戲劇】配角。
  • process: n 1 進行,經過;過程,歷程;作用。 2 處置,方法,步驟;加工處理,工藝程序,工序;製作法。3 【攝影...

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  1. Abstract : based on problems occurred during the service of the ls spiral conveyer, such as, jam of uncharging orifice, short usefull life of the drop - hanger bearings, easy rupture of connecting parts ; quick wear of spiral vane, etc. and according to the practice of casting process, analysis of break downs, the author put forward the improvement ideas in order to promote the level of the design and manufacture for spiral conveyers

  2. Assist in solving air filter panel processes, supervise the quality control the cast and trace it for the whole die casting process

  3. Continuous casting process

  4. This paper mainly research how to take full advantage of various quality tools, including work - site management 5s, traditional seven quality tools, process capacity analysis, poor quality cost analysis and more complicated statistics factorial experiment and variance analysis, to lower products cost and improve revenue through process deviation reduction, process cycle time reduction or process output improvement

  5. Metal poured into a mold cavity during the casting process solidifies with the possibility of shrinkage, segregation or porosity, which can prevent an " as - poured " casting from being acceptable for severe applications