redundancy system中文意思是什麼

redundancy system解釋

  • redundancy: 裁員,多餘;冗餘
  • system: n 1 體系,系統;分類法;組織;設備,裝置。2 方式;方法;作業方法。3 制度;主義。4 次序,規律。5 ...

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  1. Based on the superiority of distributed database in highway project management, its distributed database is developed in the paper, including solution of data division and redundancy, design of intercurrent mechanism, system structure design and query disposal

  2. Focusing on the advance research of the flight control computer system of some type of a high altitude, long endurance unmanned aerial vehicles, this paper analyzes and research its staicture in techniques of redundancy fault - tolerance

  3. This paper based on the hj04a railway signal computer system which is developed by the research institute of microcomputer, hefei university of technology. according to requirement of the interlocking software " s reliability and safety. considered with the software requirement analysis, combining the uml and z, we finally design the interlocking software specification which is completeness, consistency, no redundancy, no different meanings and is consistent with the demand of the system

  4. The sensors " fault - detection and fault - torlerance algorithms are studied, so do the three variance - caculating methods for sensors " fault - detection, and the fault - tolerance algorithms of parallel connection system and 2 / 3 ( g ) vote system for hardware redundancy. all the derivation and realization processes of these algorithms are discussed in detail

    研究了傳感器的故障檢測和容錯演算法,論述了三種針對單個傳感器故障檢測的方差演算法,以及針對硬體冗餘的並聯和2 3 ( g ) (三取二)表決系統的容錯演算法,並詳細論述了上述演算法的推導及實現過程。
  5. Then, based on real - time operation system ertos and architecture put forward above, a dual fault - tolerant system is realized. furthermore, this thesis discusses the theoretical foundation, model structure, composing form and evaluation in detail, investigates the architectures of three computer fault - tolerant systems, such as triple modular admixture redundancy system,