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  • reed: n 1 里德〈姓氏,男子名〉。2 Walter Reed 里德〈1851 1902,美國軍醫,黃熱病原發現者〉。n 1 【植物;...
  • cell: n 1 小室,單室;隔間,艙;〈詩〉茅舍;(單個的)蜂窩,蜂房。2 〈詩〉墓穴,墓。3 (大修道院附屬的...

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  1. Maintenance of abbott cell - dyn1700 blood - cell counter

  2. The progress of research on labeling of aberrant cell tissue by fluorescent probe or by connecting with biologically active carrier is reviewed

  3. Slim turbaned indians blew through long pipes of reed or brass and charmed-or feigned to charm-great hooded snakes and horrible horned adders.

  4. The research result indicated : for the strip primary mirror discussed in this article, the hexagon light - weighted cell has the best structural rigidity quality, the square cell is a little worse, the triangle cell is the worst ; there is an optimum on primary mirror thickness ; on condition of 1g gravity load combining with 4 centigrade uniform temperature rising, the thinner and higher of the flexible support reed, the better of the primary mirror surface figure. the decision of the structural parameters of the flexible support reed must take static rigidity, dynamic rigidity, static strength and dynamic strength of primary mirror assembly into account

    研究結果表明:對于本文的長圓形主鏡,採用正六邊形輕量化孔,鏡體結構剛性品質最好,正方形次之,正三角形最差;主鏡鏡體厚度存在最佳值;主鏡組件在1g重力、均勻溫升4共同作用的工況下,主鏡柔性支撐簧片厚度越小、高度越高,主鏡綜合面形誤差( p - v值)越小,但同時主鏡組件的剛體位移增大、固有頻率下降,因此柔性支承結構參數的確定要綜合考慮主鏡的綜合面形誤差和主鏡組件靜態剛度、動態剛度、靜態強度和動態強度等因素。
  5. Objective the origin and the nature of the hodgkin and reed - sternberg ( h / rs ) cell of hodgkin ' s lymphoma ( hl ) has been attracting a lot of medical researchers engaged in studying it, for its character by scattered large atypical cells residing in a complex admixture of inflammatory cells. great improvement has been made since a new method of isolation of single h / rs cells from a frozen section had been set up by kuppers in 1994, and many studies have approved of the b - cell derivation of h / rs cell. lt has been reported that h / r - s cells might partly be originated from b - cell in our research before, but at the same time, we also found that only 18. 8 % of h / rs cells express cd20, 31. 3 % of immunoglobulin heavy chain ( igh ) rearrangement have been revealed

    目的霍奇金淋巴瘤( hodgkin ' slymphoma , hl )由於它的惡性腫瘤細胞? h rs細胞一般只佔腫瘤組織的極少部分(不到1 ) ,且散在分佈在背景細胞間,因此對于h rs細胞的來源和性質研究一直是人們探索的目標。 1994年德國科隆大學k ppers等發展了一種從冰凍組織切片上用顯微操作儀挑取單個h rs細胞的顯微切割方法進行h rs細胞基因分析后,人們對h rs細胞來源的研究有了突破性的進展,多數支持b細胞來源。我們的前期研究也支持部分h rs細胞為b細胞來源,但我們發現只有18 . 8的h rs細胞表達cd20 , 31 . 3的hl檢測到igh基因重排克隆性條帶。