reeves electronic analog computer中文意思是什麼

reeves electronic analog computer解釋

  • reeves: 雷韋斯
  • electronic: adj. 電子的,電子操縱的;用電子設備生產的;用電子設備完成的。adv. -cally
  • analog: n. = analogue.
  • computer: n. 1. 計算者。2. (電子)計算機;計量器。-ism 電子計算機主義〈認為電子計算機萬能等〉。-erite, -nik 計算機專家;計算機工作者。

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  1. One of them, the analog computer, is used essentially for problems involving measurements.

  2. Brlesc ballistic research laboratories electronic scientific computer

  3. It is wider and wider used in many fields for example broadcast, television, electronic meter, computer etc. permeability is an important parameter of soft magnetic

  4. Pearl high - tech products development co., ltd. was founded in 1997. we specialize in design, research, development, installation, consultation and trade for electronic products, computer software hardware and network integration. our management board is composed of former senior officers, computer engineers and businessmen in foreign trade circle. we are full of professional knowledge, experiences and relations

  5. The technology of dsp is being applied to much field, such as communication technology, electronic technology, computer technology, etc. there is important significance to improve the teaching of the practice of electronic and information engineering with the technology of dsp