reference meridian中文意思是什麼

reference meridian解釋

  • reference: n 1 (對委員、審查人等的)委託;委託項目[范圍]。2 說到,論到,提到。3 參考;參考書;附註,引證;...
  • meridian: n 1 【天文學】子午圈[線];正午。2 頂點,絕頂;全盛期。adj 子午圈的;正午的;頂點的,絕頂的;全盛...

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  1. Caseins. determination of free acidity reference method

  2. Specifies a reference alpha value against which pixels are tested when alpha testing is enabled

  3. Voltage reference is a vital basic module which is widely adopted in analog circuits ( mixed signal circuits ). its temperature stability and antinoise capability influence the precision and performance of the whole system

  4. Although ziyang city have a long history, but it have a young development of city construction, the environment landscape of city has many defects although it have many success, in this paper, through examined and analyzed the actuality of ziyang environment landscape, and applied the tenet of combine for theoretic and practice, and used for reference there homologies city ' s suffer and apologue. in this paper, it ' s researched from city ' s natural landscape system, man - made landscape system and dimensional landscape system, to instruct designing of ziyang city ' s landscape build, thus discover a feasible way for knap urban landscape build

  5. A new standardization method is proposed to solve the problem of the distorted image recognition, which is that the image ' s centroid was gotten based on the pixels total value of the whole image, and then the largest apothem and the rotated angle were obtained by the distance of the centroid and the image brim, last the object and the reference image adjusted the entirely same images in the scale and the rotated angle according to the uniform standardization