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  1. Test method for solar absorptance, reflectance, and transmittance of materials using integrating spheres

  2. E., the carrier frequency of a gaussian beam deviates from the resonant frequency of a fabry - perot etalon ), variations of the peak intensity, the position of the peak intensity and the dwdm systems, has received considerable attention. in this work, after taking into account the wavelength - depended reflectivity distribution profile of a fiber bragg grating, the oscillation wavelength # _ ( 1 ) of long external cavity fiber bragg grat

  3. Influences of different damaged degrees of leaf miner - infected leaves on the near - infrared spectral reflectance

  4. Micrographics - reflectance test target used in the test target for inspecting the quality of micrography of technical drawing

  5. The dark mudstone of neogene system in sikeshu sag of junggar basin is a potential source rock with vitrinite reflectance ( r ( subscript 。

    摘要準噶爾盆地四棵樹凹陷新近系暗色泥巖鏡質體反射率r (下標。