音標 ['ri:dʒən]
n. 名詞 1. 地方,地域,地帶;地區;行政區,管轄區,區;左近,鄰近;(大氣、海水等的)層,界,境。
2. 【解剖學;動物學】(身體的)局部,部位。
3. (學問等的)范圍,領域。
4. 〈罕用語〉天空。


    1. Bear in mind that reluctance to use the abdominal region may relate to cultural background

    2. Tiya is among the most important of the roughly 160 archaeological sites discovered so far in the soddo region, south of addis ababa

    3. Sedimentary control of coalbed methane in this region were expounded according to the control and influence of sedimentation on coal gathering action ( thickness of coal reservoirs, distributing and coal - bearing characteristics ), on forming and distributing, maceral, organic facies and coalfacies, cap formation types and their sealing capability of adjoining rock

      根據沉積作用對聚煤作用(煤儲層的厚度、分佈及含煤性特徵) ,對煤儲層的形成與展布、煤巖組成、有機相和煤相、頂底板蓋層類型與封蓋性能的控制和影響,討論了沉積作用的控氣特徵。
    4. Montenegro is a region of southwest yugoslavia bordering on the adriatic sea

    5. Four aspects are summed up : construction of new plantation production system according to the market ' s demand ; formation of industrial advantage by developing region agriculture, scale management and specialized production level ; change from the direct trade to processing trade of agricultural products ; attaching great importance to barley production, thus promoting the development of feed processing and food industrial. in the fourth chapter, the dissertation poses some necessary measures of the adjustment and escalation of hubei rural industrial structure. it mainly includes : deepening the property right system reform of rural land ; blazing new trails in the system ; reforming the rural science and technology mamgement system ; enhancing macroscopic regulation ; carrying out the cities and towns strategy ; reconstructing the structure of the agricultural development according to the comparative advantage law