regular language中文意思是什麼

regular language解釋
正規語言 [正則語言

  • regular: adj 1 有規則的,有規律的;有秩序的,井井有條的,整齊的;正規的,正式的。2 端正的,勻稱的,調和的...
  • language: n 1 語言;(某民族,某國的)國語;語調,措詞。2 (談話者或作者所使用的)言語,語風,文風,文體。3...

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  1. We first present a number of desiderata for an xml - based query language, and based on this criterion, we introduce the syntax of a simple core ian - guage for semistructured data and then describe four extensions that have resulted in working prototypes. second, we present the algorithm for computing the result of a regular expression on data graph with cycles, the first - order interpretation of querying language for semistructured data, and explore structural recursion and bisimulation in semistructured data and propose an efficient and systematic way to computing a bisimulation between the two graphs. we also proposed and implemented a web querying system with database features

    基於這些準則,對一個簡單的半結構數據查詢核心語言的語法提出了兩方面擴充;給出了計算數據圖中正規表達式的演算法;對半結構數據查詢語言的一階邏輯描述、結構遞歸和數據圖的雙態模擬( bisimulation )等問題進行了研究,提出了一種判定數據圖的bisimulation演算法;在xml數據查詢語言研究的基礎上,設計並實現了一種具有數據庫查詢特性的web查詢系統原型。
  2. A regular expression is also useful in a language, such as jscript or c that is not known for its string - handling ability

  3. Using latest visual software idl ( interactive data language ) and combining trigrid function with triangulate function in idl, regular network terrain model and 3 - d shallow and deep sliding surface model of zhafangping landslide body based on delaunay triangular network is set up. it makes the sliding surface turn from " recessiveness " into " dominance ", and gets numerous different three - dimensional cubic chart, contour topographic map, the combine model of terrain model and contour topo - graphic map. and every visual model has analysed and compared in detail

    利用可視化軟體idl中的triangulate函數和trigrid函數相結合,建立了基於delaunay三角網的榨坊坪滑坡體規則格網地面模型和淺層、深層滑動面三維可視化模型,實現了該滑坡體的三維模擬與再現,使滑動面由「隱性」變為了「顯性」 ,且獲得了眾多不同角度的三維立體圖、等高線地形圖和地面模型與等高線地形圖的組合圖等,並對各可視化模型進行了詳細地分析與比較。
  4. Regular expressions as a language

  5. Pupils attend regular school hours and follow a special syllabus of intensive english language learning