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  • max: n. 馬克斯〈男子名, Maximilian 的昵稱〉。n. =maximum. to the max 最大限度地,徹底地。vt. ,vi. 〈max out〉(使)絞盡腦汁;(使)竭盡全力。

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  1. Peter nodded agreeably to max, the head waiter.

  2. Superstructures has special shape design to enable stealth capability. length : 153m width : 16. 5m power type : codog, 2 shafts output : 48600hp max speed : 29 knots weapon : c - 802 ssm launches units4 crew : 250 hq - 7 sam launches unit1 twin 37mm flak guns 4 533mm torpedo launch tube6 twin 100mm automatic main gun1 kamov ka - 27 asw helicopter1

    裝備c - 802 , 4連裝艦對艦導彈發射裝置4座, hq - 7型8連裝近距艦對空導彈發射器4座, 37毫米雙連裝速射艦炮4座, 3連裝533毫米魚雷發射器2座, 100mm雙喧嘩裝炮1座。
  3. Some problems occurred in the compensation management of cadi and the causes are discussed. according to the current situation of the human resource of cadi, the characteristics of engineers working in the cadi and the characteristics of the aircraft design, the distribution schemes focusing on job positions and performance are given, of which a linear programming model is built to resolve the performance compensation at the aim of max - motivation in order to form a suitable model of compensation management and to achieve " double - win " between the employee and the employer

    針對611所人力資源狀況、工程技術人員特點及飛機設計專業工程工作特點,提出以崗位為核心的崗位薪點設計方案和以個人業績為核心的績效分配設計方案,建立了以激勵強度最大化為目標的線性規劃數模,用單純形法求解績效獎酬,以形成一種激勵強度大、內部公平合理、對外具有競爭力的薪酬管理模式,即實現員工與組織在此問題上的「雙贏」 。
  4. 3. on the present deformation condition, the cementite in pearlitic steel has more severe plastic deformation capability t - he max shear strain up to 1. 9. 4

    C方式ecap變形條件使珠光體鋼65mn中的滲碳體可以表現出很強的塑性變形能力? ?觀察到的最大切變形達到1 . 9的等效真應變。
  5. Max : are you having a coffee break