reinfection tuberculosis中文意思是什麼

reinfection tuberculosis解釋

  • reinfection: 再傳染, 再感染
  • tuberculosis: n. 【醫學】結核病;〈特指〉肺結核,〈略 TB, t. b. 〉。 pulmonary tuberculosis 肺結核。

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  1. Be based on the reason of above, at tuberculosis the young men and women of mobile period shoulds not be marry live together, at present the many specific that fight consumptive disease is like streptomycin, isoniazid, acerbity to ammoniac willow natrium, rifampin to wait, can make much new come on the patient passes a year of to a year of half cure heal, its recrudesce rate is very low also

  2. Endobronchial actinomycosis is a rare condition and may mimic a neoplasm, tuberculosis, or pneumonia

  3. A number of countries have virtually eradicated bovine tuberculosis from cattle.

  4. Celestine is losing weight and can scarcely walk, and hakan suspects she might have tuberculosis too

  5. If pathological changes has restored, period of treatment was finished, recrudescent possibility is dinky ; tuberculosis has infection of n / med tuberculosis bacterium to cause, the cold has a fever is not main reason, it is inducement likely ; after tuberculosis is cured, the meeting inside body is put in dormancy bacterium, dormancy bacterium won ' t come on commonly, do not infect, it is to rely on human body resistance to keep clear of, remedy is not effective to dormancy bacterium