音標 [ri'leiʃənəl]
adj. 形容詞 有關系的;親戚的;(特指語法上)表示關系的。
adv. 動詞 副詞 -ly


    1. 3 if you need, our company can train relational personnel to use maintain support episteme of product for custmers on the cuff if custmers use inadequately or out of ensur - repair term to attaint or deviant working, we afford maintain service for product for life

    2. In addition, because there is internal relationship between the formalism of relational database, " relational algebra ", and the clausal logic used by ilp, ilp methods can directly deal with mining task involved in multiple tables of relational database

      此外,由於關系數據庫的形式描述? 「關系代數」與ilp的子句邏輯有著內在的關聯性, ilp技術可被直接用於涉及關系數據庫中多個關系(表)的數據挖掘任務。
    3. Based on the fromer study of mine tectonic, hydrology, tunnel deformation, etc., 3 - d numerical simulation of current tectonic stress field of lvjiatuo coal mine was done in this thesis, combining with local hypocenter mechanism solve and relational stress in - situ measuring value regression analysis has been done to the simulation result, and the reasonable results are gained those will offer dependence for disposing the tunnels more rational and making tunnel supporting more economical and safer

    4. Study and improvement of mls relational data model

    5. Involuntarily, questions of these engineering datas " management appear, datas " persistance only depending relational model and rdbms is greatly insufficient, so this paper carefully studies object - relational mapping based on rdbms based on the analyse of home & overseas actualities, correlative theories and realizing methods of object - relational mapping, we find opl based on rdbms is the most suitable for object relatinoal mapping of clera. based on the engineering application analyse of opl in clera, function requirements, database modes, interface criterions and functions, running modes of opl have being detailedly described. with the framework of microsoft dna, a kind of realizing method of opl based on com / dcom / activex component technology has being brought forward, and this paper describes realizing keys from base tables " definition, object id and class hx class and inheritance of class, object storage, parallel control and affair, object query, object nesting, relations between objects, support of complex data types, right control of object and buffer management of object

      本文在分析對象?關系映射技術的國內外現狀、相關理論及實現方法的基礎上,研究發現基於rdbms的opl是目前最適合clera的對象?關系映射方法;在clera的opl應用分析的基礎上,詳細描述了opl的功能要求、數據庫模式、介面規范與功能、運行方式等內容;結合microsoftdna開發框架,提出了一種基於com dcom activex組件技術的opl實現思路,並從基本表定義、對象標識與類標識、類與類繼承、對象存儲、並發控制與事務、對象查詢、對象嵌套、對象間聯系、復雜數據類型的支持、對象級權限控制及對象緩沖管理等幾方面概述了實現要點。