relief door中文意思是什麼

relief door解釋

  • relief: n 1 (難民、貧民等的)救助,救濟,救護;救濟品。2 (痛苦、憂慮等的)解除,減輕;【化學】減壓。3 ...
  • door: n. 1. 門,戶。2. 入口,門口;通道,門徑,門路,關口。3. 一戶,一家。4. 【船、機】蓋,口。adj. -ed 有門的。adj. -less 沒有門的。adv. -wards 向著房門。

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  1. Chacaltaya is an acclimatization center for climbers preparing to ascend the next - door peak and the club is considering opening a path to the neighboring mountain

  2. Some researchers are linking the pain relief of acupuncture to enkephalins.

  3. Ali was stationed as a kind of advanced guard, and the door was kept by the three french attendants, commanded by myrtho

  4. Door of department of commerce : be in charge of the industry guidance of current to food job and management, birds of cultivate of responsible supervisory government nods butcher surely, investigate case of management disease flesh, affusion pulp lawfully

  5. We slipped along the hedges, noiseless and swift, nor did we see or hear anything to increase our terrors, till, to our relief, the door of the admiral benbow had closed behind us