religious scenes中文意思是什麼

religious scenes解釋

  • religious: adj 1 宗教(上)的。2 篤信的,虔誠的。3 修道(院)的;(屬于)教團的。4 嚴正的,認真的;憑良心的...
  • scenes: 場景

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  1. The snake is a symbol of many things but probably embodied aesculapius religious connection to the depths of the earth and symbolized his wisdom a wisdom which involved both extensive knowledge and prudent action

  2. Between the poles of amoral cynicism and rank religious hypocrisy was a messy space in which people tried to find ways of dealing with their insecurity and self - doubt

  3. In this thesis, we aim at solving the geometrical representation of some anomalistic objects. we try to combine the realistic representation and real - time control of the virtual natural scenes

  4. Forgiveness is possible in the worst scenes. 5 love is religious this means that love is spiritual

  5. As i have said above, since a clergyman is employed to substitute " lung po " ( a representative figure of hong kong ghostbuster that is usually portrayed by actress law lan ), it is not hard to expect some religious " exorcist " scenes. in fact, these scenes are quite refreshing as they are not normally seen in a hong kong movie, but the problem is that they resemble their western counterpart

    片初兩場驅魔戲撇除港片一貫龍婆或道士驅鬼的陳套,是全片最引人入性之處,編導亦拍出凝聚力,不過驅魔的情節太似西片《驅魔人》 ,有抄雜之嫌,是電影一大遺憾。