renovating (or setting) tank中文意思是什麼

renovating (or setting) tank解釋

  • renovating: 更新的使干凈的
  • or: or2,〈古、詩〉在…之前,比…更早〈普通用or ever, or e'er〉。n. 【徽章】黑金色,黑色。
  • setting: n 1 安裝;裝配;裝置;安放。2 (機器的)底座。3 調整。4 整齒。5 銼鋸子。6 配樂;譜曲。7 (果樹的...
  • tank: n 1 罐,槽;箱;櫃〈盛液體或氣體的大容器〉;(火車頭的)水櫃;(船上的)液體艙;〈美、英方〉水堰...

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  1. The water reservoir of slaughterhouse shall be an enclosed structure situated at least 3 meters away from waste area or septic tank

  2. Individual suction pipe of each centrifugal pump passes to the back of carrier or liquid tank for selection. suction hose and spray are equipped

  3. Use the general tab to disable the account or modify the password attributes, such as requiring the user to change it at the next log on or setting it to never expire

  4. Whether by influencing prices ( through taxation or fiscal incentives ) or setting absolute quantities ( via tradable permits ), they improve price signals, allow industry greater flexibility in meeting objectives, and give firms a longer - term incentive to pursue technological innovations that further reduce adverse impacts on the environment

    無論是通過影響價格(通過稅收或財政激勵)還是設定絕對數量(通過可交易許可證) ,均可改善價格信號,允許工業界以更大的靈活性去實現這些目標,給與公司長期激勵機制追求技術革新,減少對環境的負面影響。
  5. These include assessing new credit applications from customers, facilitating an existing loan restructuring, arranging a scheme of arrangement at the request of the customer, or setting up a loan restructuring arrangement where there is a default in excess of 60 days. the guideline also provides that when the information obtained from the cra reveals that a customer has an unmanageable level of indebtedness and might have genuine difficulty in repayment, ais should not hastily demand immediate repayment of loans or reduce credit lines