renovation and expansion project中文意思是什麼

renovation and expansion project解釋

  • renovation: n. 1. 革新;更新,復壯。2. 修理,修補。3. 清掃。n. -vator 革新者;修理者(等)。
  • and: n. 1. 附加條件。2. 〈常 pl. 〉附加細節。
  • expansion: n 1 張開,伸展。2 擴大;擴建;展開;發展。3 廣袤,遼闊。4 擴張物,擴大部分。5 (講題等的)詳述,...
  • project: vt 1 投擲,拋出;發射(炮彈等);噴射。2 使突出,使凸出。3 設計,規劃,計劃,打算,籌劃。4 投影;...

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  1. Theory analysis and practical project prove that the method of the reinforced concrete beam system bridge structure disease examination and structure damage evaluation is reasonable and viable

  2. " we try to push adult stuff down on younger and younger kids, and what ' s the point " asked lucy calkins, founding director of the reading and writing project at columbia university ' s teachers college

  3. It can be used not only to change the fire precision of the base bleed projectile, but also to improve the effect of reduction drag and expansion range. the calculating model of the secondary expansive pressure of the burning gas is constructed by means of analysis of the experimental resuits, it has been confirmed that the new base bleed unit can be designed, with the secondary expansive principle of the burning gas pressure. the engineering project of a hybrid base - bleed - rocket high - level efficient extended - range projectile is designed, with the secondary expansive principle of the burning gas pressure, the feasibility and the true worth of its engineering applications is validated in theory

  4. Practices of and thoughts on project management of re - construction and expansion of pingdingshan memorial in fushun

  5. Small and medium - sized enterprises also have very positive effects to china ' s economic and social growth, which are mainly embodied in the promotion of economic growth, creation of employment opportunities, renovation of technologies, basis for development of large - sized enterprises and expansion of export and other aspects